Social Responsability

In Chía Mía we want to help the environment and our vulnerable populations. We are gradually implementing our processes and trying to have more impact on our society.

Impact on our Environment

We recycle our bottles to reduce waste and pollution.

Thanks to our new labels that do not need glue, we can reuse our bottles without having polluting processes. In some of our sale points, we have recycling centers so that when our clients finish it, they can deposit the bottle there.

By recycling our bottles, we are saving natural resources, energy and carbon dioxide.

Impact on Vulnerable Populations

We donate 1% of our sales to an institution in Mexico City called Ayuda y Solidaridad con la Niñas de la Calle.

They provide housing, food, school, workshops and medical and psychological atention to 120 girls between 2 and 25 years that were in risk of living in the streets or living in them where they suffered from sexual, physical and psychological violence.

Today they live happy in a safe house. They now have a brighter future ahead.

Impact on Mexican Population

A study from FAO located México as the country with more obesity in the world.

We are also located in the eight position of Diabetes worldwide. Today, Diabetes is one of the leading causes of death in Mexico.

We offer a healthy ready to drink alternative. The majority of flavored drinks in Mexico are full of sugar and are an important part of the problem. Chía Mía is 100% natural and contains no sugar which helps people to be free of these problems.