Chía Mía Por Las Razones Correctas

We are a group of entrepreneurs who shared a discontent in common: Mexico couldn't find products that matched our lifestyle and philosophy.

We were dissatisfied with the offer in the market, products with a lot of sugar or sweeteners, empty calories, added with conservatives, in non environmentally friendly packaging and with flavors and ingredients that we couldn't pronounce.

We were looking for products that gave us good reasons to consume them. That nourishes our bodies, with high quality and minimally processed ingredients, with fresh and natural flavors and with an eco friendly company that was also aware of Mexican society.

Together we created Chia Mia. A company whose purpose is to revive Mexico with functional products that make you feel good and take care of your body.

We want to promote the products of the Mexican countryside, creating decent, well-paid jobs and show the world what is the traditional Mexican chia water.

We believe in the right reasons, that the conscious actions are the means to be better as a person and as a society. That is why each of our flavors have a conscious intention: a good reason to enjoy each delicious and healthy mix.

Thank you for being here and sharing what each one of our products represent to us.